Mccartney divorces


Jan 9, 2006
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News reports have confirmed that Paul McCartney has separated from his wife Heather Mills- McCartney.

Mrs Mills- McCartney is said to be distraught over the split "He has
been my crutch for so long!!" She said in an earlier briefing, "I have no idea why this has happened, I'm stumped" She's reported to be making frantic efforts to keep the split as civil as possible. "She's 'Running around in circles", according to a close friend, "she will need all the support she can get its not like its easy to walk out on a relationship like this"

It is not known whether a pre-nuptial agreement was signed
prior to the marriage, Paul McCartney is one of the richest men in the world amassing a colossal wealth due to his participation with The Beatles and subsequent musical collaborations, if an agreement has been signed it is believed that she won't have a leg to stand on. Rumours abound over the split have suggested that infidelity may have been the cause. "She's terrible" a source stated, "always trying to get her leg over". Another source has suggested that her battle with alcoholism was the cause.
"Macca couldn't handle it anymore" a friend said "he would get home at night and find her legless" Many have attributed this to a problem which started with the present that Paul had got her for the wedding, she heard he was getting her a plane. It all became clear when she opened her first present and it was a Ladyshave it was not the type of plane she was expecting.