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Mediastar Megabox Super

My Satellite Setup
My Location
I have received from a friend this Receiver for Christmas , working well at home , but my friend told me that I have to upgrade it ( i didn't have all the channels )

For that I have STBupgrade 1.9 software and the .bin file , the cord ( use by my friend ) but I can't upgrade it .

How I try :

I run the STBupgrade1.9 software , then hit Load to choose the file , put the null modem cable , hit connect and then switch on the receiver , but nothing happen !

What is my error ????

Trying to find the solution , I have try another software to upload... it has uploaded something , then got message succed ( so COM1 and cable is OK ) and now the Receiver don't work at all !

May be I have removed the last upgrade?

Any idea and help ?
Thank you