Microsoft sticking Live Search in cars

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Jun 26, 2007
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Microsoft is extending its Windows Live search to cars - announcing that it will be expanding its Automotive Business Unit to include services in addition to software.

The US software giant believes that voice controlled search could revolutionise journeys - with a service it is calling Microsoft Live Search for Devices (LS4D) first to arrive.

Lucy in the Sky with 4 Diamonds?

LS4D will allow third parties to develop search applications that use the web, allowing such things as voice activated search of the telephone directory or, more interestingly, bring in location-aware points of interest (POI) to that you never be driving around looking for the nearest McDonald's drive thru again.

"Imagine how useful having a search engine in your car would be?" MSN Cars' Ian Dickson told TechRadar.

"You're visiting a different area, for instance. In an instant you would be able to find out the best places to visit, eat, stay as well as learn a bit of history about the area."


The software looks set to be integrated into their current media tech that is offered by the likes of Fiat in Europe.

It's an interesting move from Microsoft, who have latched onto the continued fascination with cutting edge technology in the automotives industry and decided to expand their existing interest in this area.

Indeed the Redmond-based company is investing an extra 30 per cent in the ABU in the coming year, with 2009 looking set to be an important period for the Microsoft arm.