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And so it is.

Put ten ex-pats in a room and you can be sure that one, or all of them, will pout for a satellite viewing card. As such, ALL wive's (of said pre-crimer's) should commence divorce proceedings immediately (or, watch Channel Five).

Minority Report (that odd movie with Tom 'Top Gun' Cruise) - the spectre of being locked away for a crime that you won't actually commit. Is it near future stuff or the stuff of now? Read this (on going to war with Iraq) and decide for yourself:

............. the issue was not weapons, or actual programmes, but "the capability that Iraq sought to have ... WMD programmes".

Saddam, he claimed, kept "a coterie" of scientists he was preserving for the day when he could build nuclear weapons unhindered by international constraints. "Whether he possessed them today or four years ago isn't really the issue," he said. "As long as that regime was in power, it was determined to get nuclear, chemical and biological weapons one way or another. Until that regime was removed from power, that threat remained - that was the purpose of the military action."
If only I had known that the BBC would move satellites and stop funding the Solus Card Scheme ..................

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Pre-crime is based on fact

I cite one simple case

If a man is put in a room with nothing but a tea-cosy, and left to his own devices, you can be absolutely sure that at some point, either now or in thirty days, that man will have put the tea-cosy on his head.