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MM modul-programmer


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i've got a MM programmer card for MM loader softwear i've had it ages and never used it cos i have a cas2, but i was given a MM that wouldn't connect so i thought i'd use the loader to connect, it didn't so i tryed a MM with penta 1.1 on it that allso wouldn't connect ether, but on both when i pushed in the loader card in it flashed with red and green led's but they didn't stay on aqny idea what i'm doing wrong??


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I have the same problem as you.
I bought a loader card off ISay + set it all up as directed.
But couldn't connect.
After upteem atempts + re-setting various speeds etc I gave up.
A few weeks ago I bought a 'portable MM loader', thinking that if a PC wasn't
involved I wouldn't get 'cannot connect' problems. - Wrong !
Similar thing, after successfully loading the portable loader with Penta 1.9,
I then tried to update the MM.
Yellow + green LED's light up, but the green one doesn't flash (meaning it's not doing the update).
Have tried a few times but no joy.
I'm beginning to think it's the MM itself.
I have a 1.4 MM which is an original (hologram), but apparently comes from
Korea. Maybe it would work on earlier MM's.
I've given up on it now, not worth the time, effort or money.


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I had a similar problem, my Cas 2 wouldn't work on my MM, known problem, so I bought a MM Programmer card, visited this site:
Downloaded Penta 1.11 and loaded it, after many failures I discovered if I first put my MM in loader mode, switched off my receiver, connected the Loader, and inserted it in my MM, then put both in my Echo 3600, and then switched the receiver on it worked, well eventually, since then I have been able to use the Cam with both my Titanium and MII cards for Conax and Seca, when it was available.
I hope you try again and get it working, otherwise you could try the steps recommended by Duolabs, if your soldering skills are better than mine:
Best wishes