Mobile phones will be the next virus target



Mobile phone operators say it is only a matter of time before the wireless world is hit by the same sorts of viruses and worms that attack computer software, reports.

With an increasing amount of information being sent through wireless channels, new threats are opening up.

For instance, hackers have discovered that many corporate wireless local area networks -- or LANs -- in major cities simply were not properly secured. In the past 18 months, most of these holes have been closed. But in some European cities, signs have been chalked on walls indicating where, with your laptop, you could access the Internet -- through their network -- for free.

Microsoft this week launched its latest Smart Phone, a mobile that uses windows software to operate data traffic. The company's Windows operating system has been on the receiving end of more than 60,000 viruses.

So far, the Smart Phone has been virus-free but even the company admits it is only a matter of time. Industry experts give it about two years -- maximum.