MobileMe allows push email and calendars

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Jun 26, 2007
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Apple has unveiled MobileMe, which is a push method of controlling calendars, emails and contacts by sending the information from a remotely stored base.

The service replaces the .Mac service which hasn’t really set the world alight so far.

The programme works with Mac, PC and iPhone, and works with Mail, iCal and Address book on the Mac, or Outlook on Windows.

Apple has also built a suite of web 2.0 applications for the MobileMe service using Ajax, which provides a desktop-like experience on the web to interact with the data, and can be accessed at

Send photos from the beach

Photos can even be synched over the air, either from the iPhone or a Mac or PC, which means Apple is working to drop hard into the Web 2.0 space Google and Yahoo have been beavering away at over the last two years.

MobileMe also has over the air interaction; i.e. email is sent to the device, it interacts with Google Maps, finds a restaurant mentioned in the email, and stores it as a contact for use on your computer.

Unveiled at WWDC, it was termed as a perfect application for the iPhone or iPod touch for $99 per year with 20GB storage, but it comes with a free 60 day trial.