Mobiles could be more dangerous than cigarettes

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Jun 26, 2007
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Dr Vini Khurana, an award-winning neurosurgeon, says using your mobile phone over a long period of time could almost double the chances of developing brain cancer.
While this is hardly a revelation, given there have been studies on the subject since the day someone decided to pull his phone out the wall and run down the street, the study draws on evidence cancer can take over a decade to develop.
Were this true, it would mean many early studies would be invalidated by the fact the technology is so nascent.
But how long is long?
However, once again the warning is mainly focused on those who use their mobiles intensively, with no actual time limit given.
It has also led to come consumer groups calling for the total ban of mobile phones, such as the Consumers' Association of Penang (CAP), and backing Hurana in calling for a solid scientific study.
However, the long-term nature of the study and the warning does once again stir up the mobile phone debate, especially at a time countries in the EU are warning people over the long-term usage of mobiles.
So basically, try and keep your mobile phone away from your body when possible, don’t use it unnecessarily and don’t let children under 16 use one, and the effects of any potential harm will be significantly minimised.