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Sep 28, 2005
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Have a great Birthday - and many more to come.

Birth Date:2nd JuneColour:pearl , SilverNumber:22 , 101 , 11Stone:Specterlite – A magical stone which inspires.Flower:RosemaryPet:CanaryCareer:psychotherapist, Poet , ArtistKey Features:Deep Thinking, Emotional , CaringNaturally good at:Helping people emotionallyCharacter:Analytical and intense you are fascinated by the way the mind and emotions are linked. You spend hours analysing your own and others emotions to the point that you can let your mind go in circles and end up with no answers.Life Path:This attraction to how the mind works could see you finding a career helping others. Whatever you study you will excel in but need to have a little more belief in yourself. Your mind is a rapier sword so be careful how you wield it.Love:Avoid the temptation to become your partners councillor as sometimes you delve too deeply and can end up become a mother or father figure. Your birth number relates to the moon, Cancer is also ruled by the moon so will have a natural affinity with you.Best Present:A Book On Carl Jung , A Trip To The Beach Under The Full Moon