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Sep 28, 2005
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Birth Date:9th JuneColour:CrimsonNumber:18 , 27 , 63Stone:Carnelian – linked to the Goddess Isis who used it to protect, said to stimulate energyFlower:Red RosePet:HuskyCareer:Mountain Climber , Sportsman/WomanKey Features:Fiery, Adoring , EnergeticNaturally good at:Most sportsCharacter:You have a real verve for life. You are always on the go and have limitless energy. You talk rather quickly and it is sometimes difficult for others to keep up with your ever-changing thoughts, feelings and emotions. You have a bit of a bad temper but are also quick to forgive.Life Path:Action is a key word for you, you thrive on a challenge and it is hard for your friends and partners to keep up with you. You life is a mad dash from one commitment to another. You have very little spare time as you love to feast on life. Slow down sometimes to catch your breath.Love:You’re a saucy and frisky lover who can go on and on. Stamina is your middle name but you may lack the skills of gentle foreplay. Like all things in you life you rush love and can make rash commitments in the heat of passion. Your birth number relates to fiery Mars so why not try an Aries who can match that ardour?Best Present:Bungee Jumping, A Parachute Jump