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Sep 28, 2005
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A good start for the week :) Happy Birthday to You.

Birth Date:21st JulyColour:GreenNumber:3,33,12Stone:Clear quartz – the magic wand of crystals what you put in will be magnifiedFlower:GladioliPet:CougarCareer:What Ever You DesireKey Features:Lucky , Successful , WackyNaturally good at:Securing your dreamsCharacter:You have a charming if a little oddball nature, however your slightly unusual personality helps you to succeed. Never run of the mill you can choose any career you desire as you are a bit of a magician and what you truly desire is pulled to you like a magnetLife Path:Create your own destiny and rule your own fate. You have a magical existence which resembles a Hollywood film script , it may be a rags to riches story or an unlikely love affair , remember you write the script so dream big.Love:You are lovable and affectionate and in some ways childlike and innocent in the ways of love. This leads other to open up to you emotionally in a way they would not normally. Try a Sagittarius who is also ruled by your birth number ruler Jupiter.Best Present:Horse Riding , Kite