Monday´s Happy Birthday

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Sep 28, 2005
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Have a great day, lots of fun and presents.

Birth Date: 28th July Colour: Orange Number: 1,11,22 Stone: Fire opal – A magical stone with as much charisma as you. Flower: Bird Of Paradise Pet: Iguana Career: Movie Star, Drama Teacher , Performer Key Features: Radiant , Gorgeous , Untouchable Naturally good at: Attracting admirers Character: You ooze s_x appeal and magnetism and when you walk into a room everyone turns around. You will draw powerful lovers to you who will want to possess you but will never be able to as you are independent and a free spirit. You were born to be appreciated and even if you are not a traditional beauty others find you attractive. Life Path: Good looks and animal magnetism are not everything! However they take you half way there. You have the aura of a superstar whatever your profession and should not settle for anything less than your ideal life. The Gods have given you something special so believe in it and don’t question or waste it. GO for it! Love: You can have your pick of the pile and should never worry in this area. The more naturally confident you are the more successful you will be. You might like another Leo as your ruler the Sun has a double placement being your birthday number ruler as well. Best Present: Video Camera , Gold Bracelet