More Help Please

Hi once again guys, I will try to keep this as brief as poss.
I have a patched saamydsr9500 via ci with an Irderto 2 cam & a 6 in 1 card in the irderto,fixed dish twin LNB pointing to Hotbird & astra. I seem to be picking up & being able to view loads of stuff that either Viacess or Irderto encrypted but seem to have to keep resetting the box a lot as sometimes I can view chanls & 5 mins later card is not recognised. I have just ordered a magic cam which will be here 2mrw should I keep the magic cam for all the 6 in 1 files on a fun 4 & have a seperate fun 4 for viacess in the embedded slot?
We wish to pick up as many english speaking channels as possible & the odd mature content channel ( XXl is ok at the Mo), Also we wonder if its possible to view PPv channels so we can change the Dialog on the film to english I understand that some allow you to do this
can one of you guys once again point me in the right direction?

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With Magic Module you'll be able to watch 6in1 excluding seca2,irdeto2 and viacess2.
If you have a loader all you have to do is to download from here 6in1 file and load your fun card.

Regarding your second question, yes you can change audio on almost every movie PPV channel such as Palco & Taquilla on HB and Astra!