Motor Forward & Reverse Switch Circuit



My Satellite Setup
At the moment got an old a Metronic Dualis box working + 1Metre dish, moveable within 20 degrees. Got Astra 19deg sorted need to swing onto 28deg, also must learn French to read its instruction book!
My Location
I have collected the various components to make an elevator system for my old dish using a 10mm stainless steel stud, BMW window motor and Mosfets to make a motor's "H" circuit.

Just need a safe little switching circuit with a centre off position to ensure only one control line is + at any one time to prevent failure.
I am aware of spring loaded toggles, but have had their internal plastic contact carriers crack up, so was thinking of a suitable CMOS design or similar, working with a couple of push buttons

Any ideas anyone?

Many Thanks from deltatango