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How about a setting up list of good instructions for motorised dishes and other complicated topics?

I installed a motorised system (Triax 88 plus polar mount and actuator) a couple of weeks ago and found the best/clearest/easiest was:

Any others?

Has anyone used the videos from


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FYI: Thanks for the suggestion. We will shortly be putting this info into a FAQ.


Yes, I agree. I installed a motorised system about six years ago using a 1.05 metre Swedish Microwave dish with a polar mount.
I had a Nokkia pal/d2mac receiver and used the Nokkia positioner.
I later upgraded to an Echostar LT 8700 d2mac and videocrypt receiver/positioner. I bought "Newnes Guide to Satellite TV" which was a great help, and together with the instructions supplied with the dish I installed everything and got it working in a weekend.

I was fortunate in being able to borrow scaffolding, otherwise I don't think that I could have done it using just a ladder. It took longer to erect and dismantle the scaffolding than it did to fit the dish. Although I'm not very good at DIY I succeeeded in getting the mounting bracket absolutely square to the wall using a plumbline and spirit level. This is essential for getting the correct dish settings on each satellite. I also bought a sat meter for setting up the dish on Astra and 1 degree west as per instructions with the dish.

In conclusion, I'm sure that anyone with a moderate amount of skill can erect their own motorised dish.