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Hi all,
Wanting to get 7w,13,16,19 and 28 on a dish.
Can i do this using a fixed dish and multi lnb's as if i had a motorised dish
would not be able to put anywhere really out of the wind.
Also using multi lnb's do they run into one so i can change using a disecq switch.


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I think after having been posted 12 hours and no response I suspect you have guessed people have doubts about what you are proposing. It is unlikely in my opinion that you would be able to get a 35 degree spread on any sensible sized dish, what you are proposing is unlikely to work as the lnb's that are offset are not being illuminated by the full dish face therefore you would need an even bigger dish than normal and you will be struggling to receive all 5 of those satellites with your 2.4 mtr wouldn't you?