motorized 5400 system



i recently tried to install a h to h 80cm humax 5400 system
i managed to get 28,19and 13 east but could not manage to get anything else west of this, i did not know if i was on the high side or low i had a anolgue sat meter (cheap thing) i would like to know more information about installing these systems as i enjoy it so much
many thanx maccy


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Sounds like a case of dish misalignment. There is no reason (physical obstacles permitting) that you should not be able to pull in sats over an arc of about 150 degrees centred on your longitudinal position.

Have a look through some older postings on this board. The alignment of motorised systems has been discussed at length. There are 3 independent variables that you have to accurately set (azimuth, declination, inclination) and the pole needs to be dead plumb. Tricky, but feasible for the average DIYer who has a little patience and invests in some research.
Good luck