Mozilla President reveals all about 'Firefox mobile'

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Jun 26, 2007
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Following the earlier confirmation of June 17th as 'Download Day' for the Firefox 3 desktop browser, Mozilla has released a video outlining the latest developments in the Firefox browser for mobile devices.

Aza Raskin, Mozilla's Head of User Experience, has posted this video which details where the company is at with Firefox on mobile.

Tristan Nitot, Mozilla’s European president, told TechRadar, "With all the improvements brought by Firefox 3 in terms of speed and memory consumption, our browsing engine, named Gecko, shows that it can run on small platforms such as mobile devices, where the CPU is not as fast as a desktop's.

User Interface issue

Nitot adds: "Now there is another issue to tackle, which is the User Interface, because browsing on a small device, with a small screen and no mouse nor keyboard is really different. This is what Aza and others from the Labs and Mobile teams are currently working on.

"I find this fascinating, and certainly hope that we'll be able to do in the mobile space what we are achieving on the desktop: bring a secure, fast and customizable browser to hundreds of million people in the world."

Stay tuned for more on Firefox for mobiles as and when we get it.