mp3onchannel - new mp3 in car solution



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has anyone bought one of these yet ??
they are on Ebay available in the US they're ingenious in that they are an MP3 player that plugs directly into your cigarette lighter socket no extra cables etc etc .

And the clever bit is they have a socket which accepts a USB flash drive / pen drive - which if loaded with MP3's can then be played through your car radio .....

It works by transmitting the music it's playing to an FM frequency on your car radio ..
Quite cheap / reasonable at approx £30 / £40 quid
Anyone got one - or knows someone who has one ?

any suppliers in UK ?


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There are traders on eBay that sell a transmitter that plugs into a headphone socket (so mp3/cd/md player etc) and broadcasts on a couple of FM frequencies of around 100Mhz. I also saw a quite respectable UK based shop selling them recently (I cant remember which one now) and they are not expensive, you could combine one with a normal mp3 player.

They are illegal to use in the UK, but as they only broadcast for a few feet you aren’t going to get noticed, except maybe by the car next to you in a traffic jam, who happens to be tuning his radio.


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Yes agreed, a super idea, but like all of these illegal broadcasting units, they are fine until loads of people have them, then there is potential chaos.