mr, force 1122, fun 6, error message


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Just bought mr and some fun card 6. Have downloaded mr1052.upd and split to two hex files(both from have loaded chip chat(set at Fun Card, AT90S8515 + 25Cxx) with 1 being upload_software_flash.hex and 2 being hex no.1 from above. then write to fun using Vvx multi.(when writing to fun i notice when write device program memory is writing it only gets to about 25% before verifing. No error message so assume card is ok, only written gold cards before) Then do same to fun2 using same loader but with hex no.2.
I then put card 1 into mr and push into spare slot in reciver. About 5 sec later massage appears
Your card is not valid for
This conditional access system.

What am i doing wrong?


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tall paul,
the problem you got is programming the eproms on the funcard
funcard 6 has a eprom 24c1024
funcard 5 has a eprom 24c512
funcard 2 has a eprom 24c64
the problem is your programmer and software does not support large eproms
download lastest software for your programmer find out the biggest it will support
find handy program called funcard splitter this will take the mr upd file and generate hex files to suit ie 3 x funcard5 or more if it is smaller funcards
or its a new programmer
I have seen a solution using pheonix mode to program larger eproms but i beleive it is for the multipro programmer