MR with Technomate TM-5000DAPCI

I've finally got tired of getting my Echostar 3000 repaired (needed at least once every year) and got this Technomate off Ebay.

Loaded latest MR1.23 via funcards (could not get new Acer laptop to recognise CAM under XP). Receiver confirms MR updated. Edit CAS keys shows latest keys. Select "save default keys" (still not sure what this does if you've not changed anything). Mr re-initialises OK. Switch to a scrambled channel and... not cleared. Cannot get anything encrypted to clear even ones like the MTV's on Astra which used to be OK with the MR in my Echostar. Made sure programming done whilst on FTA channel. Tried switching off & on, removing and re-inserting CAM, putting CAM in top or bottom slot, no good. Tried MR1.17 & MR1.18, no good. Any suggestions please.

Titanium card with latest WLTDO does work so can clear some channels with that.


Satellite Whore
My Satellite Setup
Technomate 1500 CI+
80cm Polycarbnate Dish
0.3db Universal LNB
Moteck Digipower Motor
My Location
Totnes, Devon 50.4320N, 3.6690W
Put the cam and cards away and patch the technomate with the latest patch by darkman available on

They just moved server so site may be down but will be up over the weekend

Hope that helps
Thanks for that m8.

Surely this software is only for the Techno mate models with the build in CAM. My TM-5000DACPI has 2 CI slots but no built in CAM.

Maybe I should update with the latest software from the Technomate site as the previous owner had not. Currently showing software version HER201a (latest would appear to be HER507b).

In going to check the version I turned the receiver on (from standby) and saw that channels are now clearing on Hotbird (BBC prime, AB1, TPS etc.). Still no go on MTV on Astra though but I'm not complaining as at last the MR is doing something.