MRV 2.1 Question - Please help



Hi guys,

I hope someone will help me with some info. I am new to all this so a nudge in the right direction would help...

I just bought a Matrix Revolution 2.1 and as soon as it came i just put it in my Strong 4355 decoder. Things like TPS, and Mult*v**sion worked immediately. So did 2 BBC Primes. Last friday evening I was flicking past channels and suddenly S*Y Prima Fila came on - I think they are PPV channels. Stayed on all weekend but disappeared on Monday morning. Was it an accident?

Also, I tried to enter codes with the remote. They worked with P*lsat. But try as I might i did not manage to get anything else to work. I think I have all the latest keys but somehow nothing is happening...

T*quila does not work either, when I was left with the impression that it shoud work as soon as you stuck the CAM in, and there is no service provider for this set so that i can manually enter codes.

Finally, if I try to change any ird*to codes, as soon as I hit the button to take me to the code, my CAM reboots.

Any information would be appreciated guys.

Thanks a lot