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I am now into installing Sky Freesat for a lot of old dears who cannot affford a monthly subscription but would like the clarity of digital signals - and I am back to using Amstrad DRX400 digiboxes - which in the main are sleek to look at and also seem fairly trouble-free.
All this started off as a w/e hobby but folks got to know about it locally and they want it!
I have now been asked to put together a quote for a small guest house which wants to put Sky in all the rooms with independent viewing. Not only that but the Guest house is split over 3 buildings, 6 rooms, 6 rooms and 4 rooms - all within 100 yards of each other. The 4 roomed one I can easily do with a quad and 4 boxes but the 6 rooms one leaves me baffled as I hear of head-end amps/multiswitches /quattro LNB's etc.
If I could get hold of a schematic of how these things are cabled I am sure I could follow it logically but do I need another 12 digiboxes? At the moment, i have to put together a quote so that the owners can see if a complete system can be fitted into their budget and I dont want to include 16 boxes if I can get away with 1.
How do Sky do their Hotel systems with a single LNB and one receiver?
Any ideas?


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Use an OCTO LNB for each of the other two blocks, then you won't have to get involved in multiswitches etc. You will have to use one box per room, there is no way around it, hotels use either commercial receivers with multiple outputs (very expensive), or a stack of conventional digiboxes for a small one and send the UHF signals through a conventional distribution amp or over cat5 cable.