Multidec 9.35 beta (patched) Aladin.dll ect



Does anyone have any experience with Multidec 9.35 beta (patched) it is supposed to work with the new Aladin.dll and assoc files.I have it all installed and cant get any program menu ! it seems like it going to do the job on Nagra 2 if I can see the program list. Everything in the read me files is Spanish ant the Multidec website too. However Multidec itself is in english (has english ini file)
I really do think this is worth testing out as its the ONLY one that will do the new Aladin system so far.
its very tricky installing and setting up at first and if I could just click and change the channels I think it will work. ect ect .......... after scanning the satellite I have no channel menu to click ,what am I missing ?