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I'm about to move into a house in North London with the opportunity to put in a SAT, Freeview, FM/DAB radio distribution system while the house is still in pieces. The back of the house is south facing, so should lend itself well to installing a dish (there are also no trees in the way). In an ideal world, I would like to connect the terrestrial aerial and satellite dish to a distribution amp (multiswitch?) from where it would be sent to various rooms in the house. Each room would be equipped with a satellite receiver, Freeview box or TV and FM/DAB tuner to allow independent viewing/listening. Only two rooms are ever likely to be used simultaneously...

I'm mainly interested in German channels, so only really need to point the dish at 19.2E. Being in North London and wishing not to upset the neighbours too much, what size dish am I likely to need? Also what sort of LNB do I need and how many wires do I therefore need to run to the multiswitch? Is there a multiswitch that will allow me to distribute all the signals to a single coax per room? (Saw this and though it might work: Can I use triplex wallplates to tidy up the installation?

So many questions...

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Yes, that unit with triplexed outlets would be fine, you will need ideally an 80cm dish (to cover the insertion loss of the multiswitch) with a Quattro LNB.