Multivision Scratch Problem solved.

My Satellite Setup
Progdvb uses more resources ... the processor usage goes to 100 % with multivision ..i dont know why this is so ...even i have 512 mb ram , 1.0 GHz Processor , and still the problem occure while watching multivision...i dont why this is so ..ney how i m working on it to get solved ..but for the time being i suggest you use alt-dvb as it decrease your processor upto 80 % and 70 % .. let me help you solve your problem .. get this link

download the zip file and extract to the root i.e ( c:\alt-dvb ) and create a shortcut on you desktop for the programe ... i have put everything in its proper location but better you get latest softcam by match1 section.
and extract the alt-dvb folder ..and e.thing will b fine. thats it.:-bunny