My Irte 180cm is finally working



Yeah, I've finally finished installing it.

I didn't spend a lot of time to make it track a perfect arc. I have a 2 axis HH motor so I can always adjust a little bit at the end of the arc (I believe that the LNB skew changes, though....does it change a lot?).

I live in Rome, Italy and I can almost receive it all.

I can't receive the norther beam at 28.3e, though.

As for 1w, I can receive thor 3 but not thor 2 because it's only 36db down here (actually I can watch TV4 sweden but it's really blurry).

Another thing, the signal quality on my echostar 3000ip never goes above 86%. (that's the quality I used to get with an 80cm aimed at astra). Nevertheless, with this dish I can watch channels with a signal quality as low as 25%! (when I sued to have to 80cm dish, if it was below 55% the picture used to freeze).

I have tried several satellites and I can probably conclude that I can receive 46.3db signals with a 30% quality. Is this good or could I improve this?

Also, I'm using a .3db flange LNB. I put it on the feed provided by irte (it's simply a piece of metal). Anyway, in this feed there is a piece of plastic. I just left it in the feed.....should I take it out or what?

Thanks a lot!


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Its a depolariser, for separating LHCP and RHCP signals at Ku band from the dish and is of little use nowadays above Europe

Best to break it out (from the LNB end. Shatter it first and then tip out the broken parts and keep the protective cap in one piece. It should improve recpetion by a claimed 3dB but probably no more than 1 or so.