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The latest addition to my AV collection - a Liteon LVR 1001 - a twin drive CD Recorder.and DVD player. Records VCD, SVCD or CD Audio direct to CD from external inputs in RH drive and plays DVD, VCD, SVCD, CD Audio and MP3. It also has one touch duplication of any format of CD (video, audio, photo or data). DD5.1 and DTS. It also has a PCMCIA slot and came with two memory card readers to transfer pictures from a digital camera memory card to Photo CD/VCD. An expensive bit of kit when it came out - $400
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PhoMaster LVR-1001 DVD/CD-RW Player Specs

Have had a quick play(test) of it and a VCD copied from VHS was virtually indistinguishable from original - so now instead of archiving my old home VHS recordings to VCD instead of DVD ( I kave over a hundred blank CDs to use up). A SVCD recording from a Freeview box was not far off DVD quality 0 VCD is MPEG1 and SVCD is MPEG2 but is limited to about 38 mins on a CD