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My neighbor has analogue


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My german neighbour has analogue, (I think) on astra 19´. He suffers break-up, sparkling, or Sperming, as I like to call it, on WDR austria but not on any others. Any ideas? I reckon analoguesat knows!;)
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"Sparklies" are "bottoming out" in the fm decoder, usually due to the signal strength not being high enough, so check dish pointing, also that the cable hasn't corroded at lnb connection, or replace lnb or use a bigger dish.

As with analogue terr, analogue sat is "a different beast". You can get a poor picture on low signal - where digital would show nothing - but for a good picture you need much higher SNR than you would for digital.

see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sparklies ;

www.heyrick.co.uk/ricksworld/digibox/glossary.html (scroll down to "sparklies").

Some analogue receivers have switchable if bandwidth, which can help.

(ok, it's only 1 channel, so check received strength on that!).