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Hello, Can someone please help me with this... im really stuck :(

I purchased a programmer from a company 2 weeks ago, its finally arrived, I cant get in touch with the company because they dont answer the phone or any of my emails :(
I really desperately need to program a 12C672 pic chip, I have everything ready but I have no idea how to use this programmer
Mini Pic Pro

All i received with the programmer was a floppy disk with ICProg, i do know how to use this program but im not too sure which programmer to select from their choice of programmers, obviously theres no mention of Mini Pic Pro, however does anyone know if this programmer might have another name please???

Thank You :)


Hello, Thank you so much for your reply...

I did select JDM as the programmer as there where only 2 options that where serial programmers and JDM was the only one that supports 12C672

The problem is its not writting to the chip, when i click on program all it looks like its doing then about 20 minutes later it starts doing the verify and it fails with an error message at 00000h

When I open the hex file i need to program, and select Verify on its own it always fails with the same error message however, if i dont open a hex file and all the settings remain the same Verify is successfull

Im just not too sure how to program this Pic Chip, ive tried everything i could think of :(


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In IC-Prog hardware settings set the programmer type to JDM
Direct I/O enabled
I/O delay 4
you could also try inverting the VCC.

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