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The formats I can record (in ascending order of resolution.

VHS 240 lines
VCD 240 pixels
SVHS 420 lines
SVCD 480 pixels
DVHS 576 pixels
DV and MiniDV 576 pixels
DVD 576 pixels
AVC HD 1080 pixels on DVD blanks - plays in Bluray players
3X DVD 1080 pixels on DVD blanks - plays in HD DVD players
HDVHS 1080 pixels
HD DV and MiniHDV 1080 pixels
HD DVD 1080 pixels
Bluray 1080 pixels

I have set top recording boxes for all the formats except AVCHD, 3X DVD and HD DVD with USB rewriter drives for all the optical formats. All the set top boxes can record from external inputs - although with Bluray I have to go through an HD DTT RF modulator to my Panasonic Freeview HD Bluray recorder.

All part of my AV collection of old formats along with players for CED and VHD vinyl video disc, Laserdisc players (all working) and Betamax and Video 2000 VCRs needing TLC and repair
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