MySpace's new radio show a roaring success

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Jun 26, 2007
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The MySpace Mars Planet radio station was always going to be a hit with MySpace devotees, aspiring bands, indie-pop wannabes and music fans alike, with the new channel getting off to a good start in its first week.

MySpace Mars Planet is a weekly hour-long show hosted by DJ and TV presenter Alex Zane plus a specially selected co-presenter chosen from the MySpace community.

Presenter Alex Zane says of his new show: "MySpace is an awesome place to find new music and meet new people; so being involved in the new radio show, getting a chance to play out some of my favourite new bands and offer would be DJ's an opportunity to show off their talent has made me pretty euphoric."

Mmm, chocolate

MySpace Mars Planets Radio is fully Web 2.0, as one would expect, with users IM'ing in live and also being able to listen to the show whenever they want via the profile, as a podcast via iTunes or by downloading a widget to their own MySpace profile.

"Social media is a vitally important marketing tool to many of our clients. We have proven that simple but unique plaform-enabled ideas really deliver the best social media experiences," Matt Bamford-Bowes, Associate Director at MediaCom, the firm behind the initative, told TechRadar.

"These ideas are the ones which consumers want to participate in, and satisfy one of the basic human need states: 'belonging'. This is the reason why to date the MySpace Mars Planets radio partnership has added 7,000+ friends and 10,000+ band uploads before the first radio station broadcast."