'Mystery' channel for Freeview?



There is a bit of a mystery concerning the future of Channel 22 on Freeview. It is part of the Crown Castle multiplex D: the ITC has been asked for a licence by a little-known Midlands company, CBM Media Ltd.

It was reported that the new channel is"a curious mixture of sport, entertainment and personal finance" and the production company is working with Crown Castle. The transmission company will only add that the new channel falls under the general entertainment genre.

When CBM does launch there will be just three remaining channel slots to be filled on Freeview. Crown Castle has room for one more channel as does SDN, a joint venture between S4C, United Business Media and NTL that is looking to fill its last berth on the service. The remaining slot is likely to be filled by Channel 4, which has drawn up tentative plans to launch another channel - likely to feature factual shows and documentaries - on the multiplex it shares with ITV.