MyTheatre v2.57 now available

Big Ted

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Jan 13, 2003
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If you run any other dvbcore based software on your system just copy the dvbcore.dll from the new directory into the old software directory.

When installing call directory MyTheatre257 then you can delete contents of transponder directory and copy across current transpnder listings, favorites.ini softcam.key and settings.ini

Now the channel can be updated right from channel properties (top right) instead of having to use lnb scanning.

Supports daylight saving time

Udated MDWrapper. Now it displays CK not only from MD SoftCAMs, but also from native DVBCore plugins.

Added option "Exit Windows" upon closing MyTheatre.

some bugfixes.

Codecs updated so go into own sub-directory in program files drectory

Audio and Video Decoders for DirectShow Live View and Playback:

- Updated Sonic Video
- added Looker stream builder for IVIAudio
- added IVI Audio FX processor with configurator

Plugins Yanksee, xSymCI and others:

Unpack it as-is in root directory of Mytheatre

Additional skins for EzDVB XL:

Unpack into Skins directory.

RemoteControl plugin:

Read readme inside of this archive.