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Today the dump of the rom10 Spanish Nagra card was released to the public. This will result in working files for a wafer solution to that new card. The work is being attributed to the EMM search effort conducted in chunks by a large number of cooperating hobbyists, though in fact the breakthrough was a few weeks ago when a mysterious benefactor published the sought-after EMM which allowed the ROM to be dumped (rumour has it s/he was an insider).

Anyway, this is a welcome development since many/most Nagra providers were stepping over to the new cards. It means that we can continue to extract keys and keep the wafer hack working.

More info:

Incidentally, NTL cable boxes in the UK use the Nagra rom10 cards... so a hack for that may be just around the corner (if a safe way can be figured out to stop the box reporting back to the provider)