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Nagravision 30W

My Satellite Setup
DIGITAL: srt 4640,s/w version: 1.33p,(by FEB. 24 2006), H/W VERSION: 1.00, CH VERSION: FEB. 24 2006.
My Location
MultiCanal and Nagravision Encryption
Hi everybody!

To whom it may concern.

Please assist, some channels
MultiCanal id: 2301
For examples (BBC Prime…) on Hispasat 30 deg w,
has Nagravision Encryption which require updating.

For example today keys:
Key 0: dated 9 may ‏2006‏‏-‏04‏‏-‏03‏
Key 1: dated 9 may ‏2006‏‏-‏04‏‏-‏03‏

To enter the above mentioned keys via remote control to
Strong 4640 receiver the key index will be as follows:

Key 8282:
Key 80 NAGRAVISION: but this is not enough
because the channels still encrypted.

hispasat channels are problem keys
Please if you agree, please how to get these keys … (rsa keys).

Best wishes.