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Jun 26, 2007
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Naim has unveiled its long-awaitedhigh-end hard disk player, the £4,500 HDX. The significance of this newtechnology from the UK’smost revered marque is not to be underestimated – some market pundits are predictingthe gradual withdrawal of Naim’s traditional high-end CD players.

A new dawn
Naim’s HDX is described as an‘audiophile hard disk player’ *– the company is keen to differentiate theproduct from ordinary music servers. Certainly it has all the high-endcredentials; the player offers bit-for-bit ripping from CD, using a ‘secure’rip system, which means player will take at least two passes at every disc toeliminate errors.
It comes with two built-in 400GBdrives; one for the music, a second ‘mirror’ drive for back-up andautomatically copies the main drive to the mirror each day. 400GB allows up to600 discs to be stored at CD-quality, with the option of adding extra USB orNAS (network attached storage) devices. Naim has tested its database with up to20,000 CDs without complaint.
The HDX is also compatible withdownloaded music files, including non-DRM 24-bit/96kHz and 24-bit/88kHzdownloads. It can also be connected to a network, play music from shared driveson a network, look up album data and even obtain cover art, through the AMGdatabase.