Nakamichi 300 Cassette Deck



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I was given one of these to refurbish by a (now deceased) friend. His widow says I can keep it now.

Built like and weighing as much as a brick outhouse, it was in its day considered second only to Revox in performance.

Giving it the once over electrically and cosmetically, it seems to be in excellent condition, but I'd like to replace the capstan belt. 6mm wide, it looks like it may be about 120mm diameter. Nakamichi don't supply spare parts for this model now. Anyone know where I can find a range of belts that might fit?

This machine won't fit in among my stuff, so I'll probably stick it up on ebay. They seem to disappear pretty quickly, bought by retro tapeheads for silly prices.

There's one going on ebay ATM.


The price usually goes through the roof at the last moment, unless someone strikes lucky.





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The Revox B710 was supposedly "Top Cassette Deck", but had all sorts of problems, overheating, failing clutches, etc. Built like a tank, but Revox had previously only made much larger open reel machines, so got this one a bit wrong (and didn't try again!). Pics: (German text, but great pics!).