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My Satellite Setup
vision plus card. 1.2 ghz desktop,512mb memory. Win 2k. ATI video
Hi everyone,
I'm running a vision plus card with ProgDVB which is working quite well with Hotbird & Astra, but now I've installed another lnb for BskyB which is ok with free to air channels. I downloaded NCE cam emu, and using a CAS2 with addon hoped I would get encrypted channels with my official card in the slot and the CAS2 running in Phoenix mode but it didn't happen. Has anyone had this working properly and if so, how did you manage it? I've tried setting the CAS2 in all of the available Phoenix & Smartmouse settings! When you look at the monitor it doesn't appear to be reading the card properly as there's no info from the card in any of the boxes All other emus are disabled to avoid any clashes.
I'm probably missing something, but I don't know what!
Regards Ron