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kaonKSC-570 2CI
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I suppose first posts commonly ask for help. Mine is no different.

Firstly, thanks to all members; reading all your discussions has got me this far but now my nose is being firmly ground into the inevitable brick wall.
I´m attempting to use my freesat from s** card with the dragon, programmed by the Dynamite running pred3.11. All seems well.
Into my Kaon KSC-570 2CI receiver, the dragon loads predator, my old box number is inputed, NDS freesat card goes into the cam, I turn on the receiver again and it has no affect on the type or number of channels that are opened. Even the FTV channels (ITV etc) don´t open.
Could this problem be based in the Kaon hardware? It currently runs it´s original settings as I´ve been extremely reluctant to alter them and perhaps wreck it.
They are as follows...
KSC-570 2CI (not "H"or"Z")
Info. OE.05.07-CFF2
S/W: V13.05.03
H/W: V12.01.A5
Loader: V6.1.9

When first checking this newly bought receiver´s compatability with the dragon I noted someone identifying the hardware as problematic. They mentioned V.13.41.65, which I´ve searched for at the sites posted in other threads and couldn´t find.

Could this hardware be my problem or am I tripping on the marbles I´ve lost to this brick wall? I´m enjoying the challenge of this newfound pastime but imagine a result; that would really ice the cake.

Any help offered would be very gratefully received. Thanks.

Richie d

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1.4m dish and 80cm
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There is a new version of the ksc 570
and the old upgrades don't work if your box is a newer version The remote is grey and it has kaon imprinted on the top. look on www.kaon.info.ms for help.