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ok, im looking for as many sports channels as possible such as german sports channels for starts or maybe RTL.
Basically alot of boxing is broadcast on German TV that is not on UK TV. So i dont no where to start. I have SKY DIGITAL and want to keep my setup nice and clean and not have 50 dishes hanging off my wall if i can help it.
In the future i plan to get SKY HDTV, so i know they will need to change my box and maybe mess with the dish or wires etc.

So where do i start should i order an old analogue dish or can i get channels on my sky digital box? also will i have to mess with alignments.

Also id like to get some danish sports channel if possible, as i know that Mikkel Kessler is danish and want to see his fights, same reason i want german channels that broadcast boxing as klitschko has all his fights hosted in germany. Also the beast from the east boxes in germany next saturday. so would apprieciate a quick solution.
Also does anyone know exactly which german/danish channels broadcast the boxing regular and how i should go about getting these channels.
Thanks in advance.

PS is it possible to get HBO in the UK, HBO are american broadcasting channel. Which host all the major american boxing fights.
This would be a real bonus if its possible.
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Have a look in the motorised section, this will give you the best chance of sports of all types, but it is best to keep the system completely separate from the Sky box.