Need help for newbi



iam new to this fieald. iam a mobile phone engineer and no too much experiance in satellite
cards programing. so i need some advice and intruction for programing cards.
i have matrix reborn CAM.
Duolabscas 3 programer
silver fun card.
and cas interface 6.9 intstalled in my machine.

now i want to know following things
1 what is the difference with matrix reborn reload cams
2 how to added magic number 777 into cam
3 how to program all cannels to humax reciever via computerwhat is the software to program
and what is the file name( arabsat/nile sat/hotbird)
4 what is the latest version file for matrix reborn, and whar can i downloade
5 i want to watch in nile sat Showtime and ART all scrambled channels.there is available any
hacked or cracked program file for these channels? what kind of cam or card i have to program to it.
6 i want to whatch all scrambled channels in Hotbird. what i have to do any cracked or hacked file for it
available to program Marix reborn cam? if available then whare can i downloade.

7possible to read a flash bin or file from original showtime/art/irtedo access card and reprogram into fun card?
8 possible to read flash bin or file from original cam ? and reprogram it to reborn card?.

9 which which scrambled channels in Hotbird and nile sat can be view via fun and reborn cams?

whare can i downloade all nessasary files.

if you need money for help to me iam ready to pay.

Mohamed ali.

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