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Need Help Please.

I am new to the satellite scene and i am doing hours of research about it, however i would apreciate it if someone could help me with the following.

I have a Technomate-5500 ci Super receiver. I want to watch some footie channels and all i knw so far is that i need to buy a cam and a card. I also want to be ale to work with keyz and program my card. SO please can someone list the equipment i will be needing.
help apprecated.


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Scottish Borders
My Satellite Setup
TM 5402HD
Skybox F3
Sky+ UK.
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Scottish Borders
Well last season English footie was available on Sky, TPS, ART and an Albanian provider. TPS can be opened with a software patch for your receiver (at the moment - its probably changing its encryption to a secure type in the near future). The other 3 you pay for and get an official subscription card. (Its possible ART wont be showing English footie this season - theres various conflicting reports).

Choose your provider, find a supplier and but the appropriate cam for the encryption your chosen provider uses.