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I am new to programming cards, but have found out that you have to use 3 files for the fun card, flash.hex, ee_int.hex, ee_ext.hex.

My programmer VXMulti ask for a datafile, code file and eeprom file. Which of the three file belongs where?

Also found out that you can edited your own keys with "pic bin edit". But which file should I edit? All three?

And also want to know what thees 3 files do? And what information they hold?



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Questions about the Funcard and VXmulti have been answered before here:

The VXMulti with the standard software can't program 3 file funcard hex's. You can buy the Mode 7 upgrade which will give you the same features as the VX4fun, using you VXMulti in mode 7, or you can use other software as described in the above posts.

FLASH.HEX is the file that should be programmed to the microcontroller
EE_INT.HEX is the file that goes into the microcontroller's internal EEPROM area
EE_EXT.HEX is the file that goes onto the external EEPROM
The Flash file contains the software program
The Internal Eeprom can be used in a few different ways (blacklist store, name of the author)
The External Eeprom contains the variables that the software has to work with

Use Picbined and the Eeprom file (The External Eeprom which contains the variables)

Info on the funcard can be found here:
Good info site here: New address

Files for the Funcard can be found on my "Big Link List" in the Keys forum.

The software you need can be downloaded at the above site. ie. CardWriter ,ChipCat

The "" link is dead

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