Need software and information for BeSat 5300 receiver

I have recently got a BeSat 5300 receiver. Can anybody please help me locate latest software upgrades for this receiver? My vendor has also upgraded the receiver with an EMU software that allows me access to many channels like multivision etc. I want to know if it is possible to automatically update keys using some sort of software. I would be more than thankful for valuable guidelines and links or files that you can provide.
The EMU software that my receiver has contains the following just below the Key Edit feature
Gastapo, "Big Brother is watching you"
"You are the biggest Liar"
emulator v1.5/xx
Made in Croatia

However I have searched all over to find something that matches this or some software that can be used with a BeSat receiver. I am a newbie so please excuse if I sound stupid but I need to know more.
Please Help !!!