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OK here it is, I have a humax 5400 which is patched into an all cam, I have 1 silver card , a couple of gold cards and a programmer.
I have been following these forums very carefully but still i am confused, I understand that with my silvercard i should program ds9 so i downloaded ds9 to find that there are many files, I have programmed an o* di*it*l card in the past which was simple just eepron and pic, easy and self explained, however i have no idea which to use with the ds9 file, I guess i only need to use 2 of the files but which 2 do i use? which go to the pic and which to the eepron and in what order do i need to program them? Would these files be up to date or is there a site where i can download this months files?
Secondly i read from this forum that i should download the viamax file for my gold card, I did but after programming it didn't work so again is there a site where i can get the latest file? Thanks for your help, all the best


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This should have been posted in the cards forum.

The DS9 project has created hex/bin filesets suitable for a variety of different card types and aimed at decrypting a variety of different combinations of packages. Perhaps you have picked up a zip file containing more than one of those different types - but then I would have at least expected some kind of readme explaining which is which.
The various DS9 types are differentiated by a release number:
DS9 v5 (eg 502) is for "silver cards" (piccard2 - i.e. pic16f876 + eeprom 24c64
DS9 v3 & v4 are the for the pic16f628+24c64/256 card. There's also a "lite" version of 401 for the same card but with a 24c16 eeprom.

In all of them, the process for programming them is the same as for a goldcard - BUT your programmer and utility need to be capable of accessing the 628/876 PIC (different from the 84 PIC of a goldwafer) and you need to have a loader suitable for that different PIC type (or it needs to be integral to the programming utility you are using).

Re. sites for latest files, Phill's sat files is as good as any - of late to be found at