Need some help, i am noob :)



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hi all,

i have found a valid via2 key for Arabesque (ART) ID: 01 64 00 at frequency 12692Hz (hotbird), this TR has some asian channels that i would like to try out.

please can someone guide on how to input this hex values in to a card, the key i have is 32 hex values from viac web site.

i dont have any programmer nor cards for via2, if anyone can advise on which card to purchase, does it have to a gold card or funcard? and would the infinity programmer be ok to program via2 cards?

i have done search to find this info but frankly i dont even know the termonology to use for these think i am completely new to this and stuck.

i have Samsung DSR 9500A EM VIA reciever. which as embedded viacees 1 support, also i need a different reciever for viacees 2 cards?