needed information on a VIATIC card please

My Satellite Setup
technomate 1600 ci, 80cm motorised dish,viacsess cam + art sports card
My Location
south lanarkshire (glasgow)
hi everybody i got an aston viaccsess receiver back from my old man today hes had it for about a year and a half a gave him it to see if he could pick up any channels with it,but he never ever tried, i tried it before i gave him the box using a normal sky dish, i had a remote which my old man has now lost,so when i tried it (sometime ago )you could search for channels i think it found quite a few but i couldn,t view them,maybe because i was using an normal sky dish or maybe all the channels where encrypted,(now i,ve lost the remote i cant do much with the box) anyway there was a card in the box so i have put it in to my echostar box and the cam thing is saying the card is called VIATIC and when i press on the select button again its saying VIATIC VIASAT, SVT EU ,ABSAT, CFI PE ,HRT, SLOVEN , i was wondering if anybody could tell me what all these are i know about ABSAT as i get that with my art sports card well a couple of channels.i would like to know if there is a way in telling if this card is stil active which i doubt,and is there any channels on hotbird that i can accsess with this card,when i say that i mean if for talkings sake the card was active what channel could i go to ,to make sure it was working? i,m currently stuck on hotbird 13 degreees east as i havn,t got a motorised system yet,so could somebody please tell me a bit about this card and what i can or cant receive on hotbird i also have another card that i got a few months ago its saying GLOBECAST 3 in the cam,so any information on these 2 cards is much appreciated p.s i,m sorry if there is a separate part for these cards i appologise but i,m new to all this