Netsky variant roams the Web



Netsky variant roams the Web

A new version of the NetSky e-mail worm has begun circulating through the Internet, PC World reports.

The new worm is known as NetSky.C. Like its predecessor NetSky.B, which struck last week, the worm arrives via e-mail messages with familiar subject lines like "Question," "Fwd: lol," and "Re: hey." Users launch the worm by clicking on attachments accompanying the messages.

Once launched, the worm then installs its own mail server on the user's computer and begins sending infected e-mail using addresses it collects from the infected computer.

The worm also appears to target users of file-sharing services.

"If it finds any subdirectory that has the word "shar" in its name, it will drop a long list of enticing filenames in it, which are copies of itself," said Steven Sundermeier, vice president with security software vendor Central Command. "That now makes it available through file sharing applications like Kazaa or instant messaging applications."