'Network ID' - for locating channels by uplink site?


Tom Mountford

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Norwich, Norfolk, UK
I've been fiddling around with my Atlanta 9225, which seems to have a mind of its own. I used my Technomate receiver to point the dish at Hotbird 13E. I set the 9225 to 'Find a new service' and on each scan it found a different 'Network ID' which seems to only scan for channels by service provider. For instance the first scan came up with channels from 'TANDBERG', I ran a second scan and it found a different Network ID, bringing up channels from 'DVB SLOVENIA UPLINKS', the third brought up 'TPS COLLECTIF'. It seems to find hundreds of services, including empty channels, with each scan but they're all identified by the name of the carrier or uplink site which is transmitting them... which the receiver seems to identify from a 'Network ID' such as 64510 for 'TPS COLLECTIF'.

Has anyone got any idea what these Network IDs are and what their purpose is? The receiver lets me provide an ID to scan so presumably they are in the video signal and allow channels to be found by the location of their transmission source???? Any ideas would be gratefully received... I don't have an instruction manual for the 9225.